This WarioWare game was for the Nintendo DS.


Character Stage Control Style Microgame Theme
Wario Touch Training touching or poking objects (none)
Mona Cute Cuts slicing (none)
Jimmy T. Dance Club Rub rubbing (none)
Jamie T. Jamie's Mix (no specific controls) Wario, Mona, + Jimmy T.'s minigames
Kat & Ana Ninja Scribble drawing (none)
Ashley Total Drag dragging objects (none)
Dr. Crygor Slightly Unscrewed rotating or turning objects (none)
James T. James's Remix (no specific controls) Kat & Ana, Ashley, + Dr. Crygor's microgames
Mike Mic Rocking blowing into the mic (none)
9-volt & 18-volt Retro Action (no specific controls) Classic Nintendo games
Wario-Man Super Zero (no specific controls) Microgames based on Wario
Pink Bear Monster Megamix (no specific controls) All microgames without boss games & gradually increasing speed
Yellow Bear Hardcore Mix (no specific controls) All Microgames without boss games and one life
White Bear Gnarly Mix (no specific controls) All Microgames without boss games and great speed that also increases gradually

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