This game is for the Wii.


WARNING: Spoilers ahead!!!Edit

One night, the greedy pirate Captain Syrup sneaks into a museum looking for treasure to steal, when an item known as the Ancient Globe catches her interest. Upon inspecting it, she sees there is another world within the globe called the Shake Dimension.

Seeing the events unfold, Captain Syrup decides that stealing the treasure for herself may prove too difficult, and so she steals the Ancient Globe from the museum.Within the Shake Dimension, dark clouds have set as the peace has been shattered by the marauding pirate known as the Shake King. The Shake King has stolen a legendary treasure known as the Bottomless Coin Sack. He also kidnapped and imprisoned all but one of the peaceful Merfle tribe, along with their queen, Merelda. While the Shake King gloats, the one Merfle that managed to escaped imprisonment vows to find someone from the outside world who can help his people and leaves.

The next morning, Wario is awakened from his slumber by the delivery of a very large gift, which, once unwrapped, reveals the Ancient Globe and a note from Captain Syrup explaining that there is treasure within the Globe. Misinterpreting the note, Wario drops it, and gets a hammer. Then, Wario prepares to smash the globe open with the hammer when suddenly smoke bursts from the top (causing Wario to miss and smack his head). The smoke forms a large telescope, which Merfle uses to reach Wario's world. Merfle then greets Wario, causing him to hit his head on the telescope when trying to look up. In a fit of anger, Wario grabs Merfle threateningly, when Merfle begins pleading for Wario's help.Merfle explains to Wario (who shows very little interest in the story, even picking his nose as it is being told) about how the Shake King appeared, captured, and imprisoned his people and even stole the legendary treasure. At the mention of treasure, Wario immediately grabs Merfle and shakes him for more information. Merfle explains the properties of the Bottomless Coin Sack to Wario but warns him that if he doesn't rescue the other Merfles he would be stranded in the Shake Dimension. Wario decides that this quest will be worth his time, and prepares to enter the Shake Dimension.


The Sweet Stuff

Tutorial: Aboard the Sweat Stuff

Shop: The Pirate Shop

Area 1: Ratl Ruins

Level 1: Stonecarving City

Level 2: Woopsy Desert

Secret Level 1: Disturbing Tomb

Level 3: Foulwater Falls

Secret Level 2: Gurgle Gulch

Level 4: Run-Down Pyramid

Boss Level: Rollanratl Battle

Area 2: Wiggly Wilds

Level 1: Just Plains

Level 2: Wavy Waters

Level 3: Mt. Lava Lava

Secret Level 1: Sneak Peak

Secret Level 2: Lowdown Depths

Level 4: Savanna Valley

Boss Level: Hot Rodrick Race

Area 3: Rocking Range

Level 1: Wreck Train

Level 2: Stonetooth Cave

Level 3: Its-All Mine

Level 4: Glittertown

Secret Level 1: Neon City

Secret Level 2: Derailed Express

Boss Level: Chortlebot Challenge

Area 4: Jiggle Jungle

Level 1: Ropey Jungle

Level 2: Windbreak Bay

Level 3: Airytale Castle

Secret Level 1: Launchpad Labyrinth

Level 4: Soggybog River

Secret Level 2: Riverbloat Rapids

Secret Level 3: Prism Prison

Boss Level: Bloomsday Blowout

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