This game was for Gamebot Color.


One day, Wario flies with his plane over the woods until he crashes. Wario then stumbles upon a mysterious cave. Inside the cave, he discovers a magical music box. He wants to take a closer look, and that causes him to be suddenly sucked into the music box. In the music box, a mysterious figure informs Wario that he is a god who once protected the world inside the music box, until an evil being sealed away his magical powers in five music boxes. In exchange for freeing it, the figure promises to send Wario back to his own world and let him keep any treasure he finds. With his mind on the money and the fact he can return to his own world, Wario departs on his quest, in search of the music boxes and the many treasures of this mysterious land.


After collecting all the music boxes Wario returns to the temple. Once there, the music boxes play a melody together. The song frees the sealed being, who turns out to be the evil Rudy the Clown. The inhabitants of the music box locked his power up in five music boxes; but before he got imprisoned, he turned all of the music box's inhabitants into monsters. Rudy had great plans about again ruling the Music Box World and then the one outside as well. After Wario defeats Rudy, he is met by the inhabitants of the music box, now restored to their former selves. An old man explains that they thought Wario would help Rudy to return to is old form, and tried to stop Wario from causing that catastrophe; they never thought he would defeat Rudy. They thank Wario and transport him back to his world, along with the treasures that he has collected, as promised before by Rudy the Clown.



  1. Out of the Woods
  2. The Peaceful Village
  3. The Vast Plain
  4. Bank of the Wild River
  5. The Tidal Coast
  6. Sea Turtle Rocks


  1. Desert Ruins
  2. The Volcano's Base
  3. The Pool of Rain
  4. A Town in Chaos
  5. Beneath the Waves
  6. The West Crater


  1. The Grasslands
  2. The Big Bridge
  3. Tower of Revival
  4. The Steep Canyon
  5. Cave of Flames
  6. Above the Clouds


  1. Stagnant Swamp
  2. The Frigid Sea
  3. Castle of Illusions
  4. The Colossal Hole
  5. The Warped Void
  6. The East Crater
  7. Forest of Fear

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